Open(Art) Workshop Day

PLEASE NOTE: All workshops are now filled to capacity. We may accept some walk-ins, but unfortunately can’t guarantee space for those who are not already registered.

Join us for the Open(Art) Workshop Day, in which our Eyebeam Fellows explain and share their final projects. This is the culmination of a year’s worth of Open(Art) research and development, launched as a joint initiative between Eyebeam and Mozilla, which aims to support creativity at the intersection of art and the open web.

: Short presentations and Q&A with all three Fellows
1-3pm: Individual workshops
3pm: Re-group to share inspirations and eat pizza!


Meemoo Hackable Web Apps Workshop (Forrest Oliphant)  is an open-source web app that encourages experimentation with media, specifically animation. It is designed to be easy to use, but is also designed for hackability: it is easy to take apart an app and turn it into something else. This allows people to not just create media, but also create media-making tools.  This workshop provides a Meemoo crash-course for middle school and high school art, media, and technology educators (and anybody interested in education) to learn the hands-on tools needed to design some “hacktivities” that can be done in classrooms, at home, and other places of learning. Hacktivities include creating GIFs as story-telling tools, remixing online videos, and more!

Pixel Shaders Workshop (Toby Schachman)
Pixel shaders are simple programs that run on the GPU to create real time visual effects. If you make interactive or generative graphics, they are an extremely versatile tool to have in your kit. Shaders can run in the browser (via WebGL), openFrameworks, Processing, Quartz Composer, many VJ platforms, and even on smart phones and Raspberry Pi. In this workshop we’ll go over the fundamentals of shader programming, then we’ll discuss applications and hack on shaders! All are welcome, no prior programming experience required. For more information and live examples:

BOMfu-beta-thon (Nortd Labs- Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger)
BOMfu is a tool designed to bring communities of practice together. It was developed with complex systems, multiple developers, and multi-location projects in mind. BOMfu gives users transparent  access to multiple users bill of materials. If you’re not  familiar with physical design or hardware development, the bill of  materials (BOM) functions like the recipe to bring a system or design  together, making it repeatable worldwide by breaking down its components into parts and their sources. BOMfu takes all this information and creates an easy to parse BOM for typically complex projects With the workshop we will give you a quick introduction on the project, develop accounts and start BOMs for your open hardware projects. We urge you to test, hack, and give feedback on the project.

To learn more about Open(Art) please visit:, the Open(Art) blog, and the Open(Art) Exhibition page.

Projects: Bomfu, Meemoo, Pixel Shaders
People: Forrest OliphantNortd LabsToby Schachman
Research: Education, Open Culture
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