OpenFit Lab: Generative Patternmaking

Hours: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Cost: $70 General // $50 Early Bird & Students

This workshop is presented as part of the ‘Making Patterns‘ exhibit showing at 117 Beekman Street.

Learn how to create generative clothing patterns with open source software! The instructors will provide a conceptual introduction to generative and parametric clothing design, as well as basic programming techniques. Students will use the Kinect with custom measuring software to quickly determine a person’s measurements, and export them to Processing, wherein they will “draft” clothing patterns using the included software, acquiring basic visual programming concepts along the way.

The workshop is based on Open Fit, a generative clothing workflow created by Lisa Kori Chung and Kyle McDonald.  The workshop will be structured to accommodate all programming skill levels, and all levels of fashion or pattern making experience.

– Laptop computer with Processing (free) installed

Lisa Kori Chung is an artist, creative producer and researcher working in the realms of sound art, performance, and the future of fashion. As a 2010-2011 Watson Fellow, she documented various communities that formed around technologically-based art practices. This interest in collaboration and community building, as well as bridging different forms of knowledge, has continued throughout her projects. These include Open Fit (with Kyle McDonald), an open source clothing workflow that brings pattern making knowledge into the Processing environment, Pianokosmos (with Tal Isaac Hadad and Gawid Gorny), a reactive system that illuminates nuances of a performerʻs gestures, and Sway (with Caitlin Morris), an immersive sound installation that aims to connect physical and sonic textures.

Gene Kogan is an artist and programmer based in New York. He integrates emerging technologies into performing contexts including live music, dance, and theatre. His artistic output is characterized by inquiries into the grey areas of computational intelligence, and the application of machine learning to controlling generative and parametric systems. He is a contributor to OpenFrameworks, Processing, and other free and open-source creative software tools.

Lisa and Gene are currently Project Residents at Eyebeam, where they are developing a collection of software tools for multimedia performance called Opera Toolkit.