Opera Toolkit: Audiovisual Tools for Performing Artists

Opera Toolkit is a collection of open-source audiovisual software for performing artists and an approach to developing new forms of collaborative multimedia performance, initiated by Colin Self, Lisa Kori Chung, and Gene Kogan, and is currently in development at Eyebeam.

The goal is to enable musicians, writers, choreographers, and other performers to incorporate multimedia into their creative process with customizable software and structured prompts, by hosting a series of performances and participatory workshops, and freely releasing the accompanying software for other artists to extend their craft.

This debut workshop from Colin, Lisa, and Gene will allow participants to experiment for the first time with novel techniques at the forefront of new media, creating real-time mappings among audio and visual effects, including real-time vocal processing, projection mapping, and electronically-mediated audience interaction. This improvisatory multimedia environment is coupled with an inquiry into how structured improvisation and performance prompts can spur the formation of a nascent form of electronic opera.

Software used includes openFrameworks, Ableton Live, Processing, and Max/MSP, and includes modules for mediating communicating among them, enabling artists familiar with any of these tools to “plug” in seamlessly, incorporating the toolkit into their workflow.



Projects: Opera Toolkit
People: Colin SelfGene KoganLisa Kori Chung
Research: EducationOpen CultureVision
Tags: audiovisualmultimedia performanceopen sourceopen source softwareopera


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Start Date:

20 Aug 2015


7:00PM – 9:00PM