Programming Series: Rec. Play.

ARNO GIL MÜLLER NEUMANN SCHUMACHERa modular collaboration for Eyebeam’s Main Space initiated by Eyebeam Resident Daniel Neumann.

Exhibition open to the public May 11-12, 12PM-6PM

Cost: Free

Opening reception: May 10, 2012 6PM in tandem with reception for Wired Frames.

Within this collaboration, its participants develop and experiment with a hybrid between sound installation and live performance in Eyebeam’s Main Space. Some elements happen in real-time, others are programmed or generated algorithmically. The participants engage in a process of systemic composition, which uses the space as an instrument, encouraging a “topological listening” practice. “Topological listening’” means that there is no focus on sound elements themselves, rather, sounds call attention to the potential for meaning in their relationships to each other, to the space and to the individual listeners engaging with them. A collaborative approach to creating these environments highlights complex interconnections which can hardly be reduced to a single narrative.


GILL ARNO (small sound sources as localized islets; and subjective documentation through recordings made by the audience)

WOLFGANG GIL (spectral response, custom spectrum analysis/synthesis software),

CORNELIA FREDERIKE MÜLLER (individual space, headphone sculptures),

Daniel Neumann (feedback apparatus consisting of multiple microphones, filters and delays, as well as large speakers and speaker objects),

MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER (live response, guitar/synthesizer processed through custom multi-channel sound system)

People: Daniel Neumann
Research: Sound