Performance: Source

Hours: 2:00-6:00PM
Cost: Free

Since the opening of SURFACE TENSION we have been asking visitors to collect samples of their tap water in 5 Liter plastic jugs and return it to Eyebeam. On July 28th from 2-6PM Mary Coble will lift and pour these samples into an 8 foot fountain that continuously filters the water, miming the daily acts of water collection in the developing world. At the end of the performance, water from all over New York, now in this central reservoir, will be available for visitors to drink. Join us in exploring the issues surrounding water accessibility and use through this thought provoking performance.

There’s still time to participate by adding your water to the performance!  Stop by Eyebeam to collect a plastic jug, or email [email protected] for further information.  All samples and filled out questionnaires must be returned by the 25th of July.

People: Mary Coble
Tags: Surface Tension