Persistence of Visions of Faces of Death (trapped and frozen forever # 3)

Eyebeam is pleased to present Persistence of Visions of Faces of Death (trapped and frozen forever # 3), an animation and mixed-media collage by Eyebeam Fellow Jacob Ciocci in the Eyebeam Bookstore Gallery. The work is on view November 23 – December 18, 2010.

About the work
Six collages of the exact same size were created to approximate the size of a high-definition (HD) video screen. When played frame by frame, the six collages create a chaotic six-frame animation.  HD video is juxtaposed with collage in an attempt to reconcile the difference between images “trapped” behind a screen and those “frozen forever” as still images.

In today’s image landscape, traditional distinctions between moving and static, linear and non-linear no longer apply. Perhaps one of the only enduring distinction is the separation between images on and off screen. The resulting diptych evokes a disorienting head-space within which our subject, a young girl in a skull mask, stares at herself in a mirror, attempting to come to terms with the impossible gap between original and copy, or self and self-image.

Projects: Persistence Of Visions Of Faces Of Death
People: Jacob Ciocci