Playtest: Design, Play & Discuss

This is a monthly game testing event for independent game developers and enthusiasts run by former Eyebeam fellow Kaho Abe and Come Out & Play. The focus will be on play-testing, open dialogue and discussion around games in development.

This monthly meeting is a great opportunity for game developers to get valuable feedback for projects in progress. For game enthusiasts, these events are a place to learn more about the game development process, techniques and systems behind games. The goal of these monthly meetings is not only to encourage and nurture the development of high quality games through testing and discussion, but also to create opportunities for game testers, players and enthusiasts to become more engaged and active in the game development community.

The facilities and surroundings of Eyebeam make it an ideal place to test a variety of games — from analog to digital, from street to computer games, from board games to art games, and more. Some things that maybe available during the event, depending on ongoing gallery events, include: projector, speakers, mixer, computer stations (Mac) with Internet, Wi-Fi, large indoor space, sidewalk space, various public parks in the area including the High Line and public areas by the pier.

Events are scheduled every third Saturday, 2:00PM-5:00PM.
Persons interested in submitting a game to test must indicate requirements to test, goals of testing, as well as number of people required to test on this form.