Printed Matter

Meagher’s class Printed Matter is presented as part of Eyebeam’s After-School Atelier (ASA) a semester-long program that provides NYC public high school and middle school students the opportunity to work in a studio environment and develop new media art projects under the guidance of Eyebeam’s Teaching Artists.

In this climate where the media and publishing worlds are becoming increasingly monitored and censored, this class will be positioned as a means for finding outlets for otherwise ignored perspectives, in the form of making professional-grade books, comics, zines and printed matter from the desktop, and exploring ways of getting them into the public eye. Optimally, the class will produce a set of books and printed matter that can seamlessly infiltrate bookstore shelves and present themselves for discovery either by the general public, staff, or corporate officers. As such, a kind of intra-corporate graffiti or critique mechanism.

  1. ENVISIONING your ideas in printed form
  2. PLANNING your first D.I.Y. Printed Matter Project
  3. CUSTOMIZING optimal templates to suit your expression
  4. COMBINING techniques & COLLABORATING with classmates
  5. ASSEMBLING your text/work into order and exporting as PDF files
  6. EDITING & PROOFING with classmates to finalize the final file-to-print
  7. PRINTING FINAL PRINTS at eyebeam, Kinko’s and at one’s home
  8. BINDING the books field trip to NYC’s first “instabook machine”
  9. SHOWING WORK AT ‘BOOK-FAIR’ Show&Tell Exhibit! and Guerrilla DISTRIBUTION tactics!
Projects: Printed Matter
People: Patrick Meagher
Research: Education
Tags: grafitti, guerilla, print