PRISM Break Up

On October 4–6, 2013, Eyebeam will host the first event of its kind, PRISM Breakup, a series of art and technology events dedicated to exploring and providing forms of protection from surveillance. This event came about in part from Eyebeam’s mission to support the work of artists who critically expose technologies and examine their relationship to society, as well as offering continued support to its alumni following their residencies.The gathering will bring together a wide spectrum of artists, hackers, academics, activists, security analysts and journalists for a long weekend of meaningful conversation, hands-on workshops, and art installations.

In the contemporary digital era, privacy has become a luxury for the initiated. Google and Facebook mine your personal data for a profit, the government monitors your phone calls, even shopping malls track the mobile phones connected to their wifi. In the wake of revelations about the NSA PRISM program, many citizens are left wondering what they can do to protect their privacy. We believe everyone has a right to define their own digital privacy, understand how it is being compromised, and feel empowered to protect it.

Initiatives like Prism Break, the Locker Project, and Security in a Box have attempted to combat privacy violations, but the process continues to be complex and inaccessible to the general population. We also recognize that security and privacy, especially at the hardware level, is tricky, but that’s not going to stop us from trying to determine how it can best be protected.

Schedule of events:

Friday October 4, 2013
Lectures/discussions, Art opening
Saturday October 5
Day of workshops
Sunday October 6
Lectures/discussions, Cryptoparty

See the full list of participants and the schedule on the official PRISM Break Up website.