Project Space: Flock House Pod

From March 1 to April 7, Eyebeam Fellow Mary Mattingly will test her Flock House living system right here at Eyebeam! She will be living in one of the Flock House units, testing its power, food, and water systems in preparation for a public launch in May 2012.

Her Flock Houses are self-sufficient, interstitial habitats that engage with and are sutained by the urban public. These nomadic, pod-like structures are designed to latch on to one another and to attach themsleves to exisitng buildings. Mattingly will choreograph and record their movements across multiple US cities, and, in doing so, hopes to reveal some of the social and economic issues surrounding property and ownership in these centers.

Mary will host an event with Geoff Manaugh and the Urban Research Group in tandem with the exhibition on Thursday, March 1 from 6-8 PM, and an opening reception in conjunction with Taeyoon Choi on March 15th.

Cost: Free
Projects: Flock House
People: Mary Mattingly
Research: Urban Research
Tags: exhibition, Flock House, Flock House Pod, opening