QUAT PHYSICAL COMPUTING OPEN LABS – Lab #2 (Sensor Brunch) @ CultureHub

Hours: 12:00PM-3:00PM
Cost: $5 Suggested Donation

Members of the Queer Art and Technology Research Group based at Eyebeam, Miki Foster, Erica Kermani, and CultureHub’s S.O. O’Brien, invite artists and enthusiasts to participate in an open lab centered on Arduino and physical computing. Focusing on an in-process design for an upcoming interactive installation, QUAT members explore the use of micro-controllers in combination with large surface transducers and bone conductors. If you are working on your own Arduino or physical computing projects and want the opportunity to work in a more collaborative session or just want to get feedback on your project, come join us in the studio for these open work and skill sharing sessions.

Projects: QUAT
People: Erica Kermani, Miki Foster, S.O. O’Brien
Research: Education