Reenactment: Gandhi’s March to Dandi—The Salt Satyagraha Online

Over a period of 26 days from 12 – 6PM, using a treadmill customized for cyberspace, Eyebeam 2008 Commissioned Artist Joseph DeLappe will reenact Mahatma Gandhi’s famous 1930s Salt March, a 240-mile protest in response to the British salt tax, live and in Second Life, the Internet-based virtual world.

For this performance, DeLappe will be physically walking on a converted treadmill the entire 240 miles of the original march.­ His steps on the treadmill, which will control the forward movement of his avatar in the online world,­ will both be physically and virtually reenacting this seminal march of protest.

Others are invited and encouraged to join the walk with him online in Second Life. Visit DeLappe’s website for daily start locations, updates and information regarding the project: