RGBDToolkit Workshop

A two-day workshop to learn the RGBDToolkit workflow for camera calibration, data capture, and 3D visualization. Then experiment, hack and create.

Instructors: James George, Alexander Porter


Saturday, July 13, 10am – 5pm
Sunday, July 14, 10am – 5pm
$100/day or $175/Weekend

Materials/Equipment Required:
Sensor (Kinect or Asus Xtion Pro Live)
HD Video Camera
Mac or PC Laptop
Hardware Attachment Mount (Provided by Instructor; Also available for purchase to keep after workshop)
If you don”t have a camera or Kinect, email [email protected] and we”ll pair you up with another participant who does.

No programming experience required.

Class Description:
Depth sensing cameras like the Kinect are not only revolutionizing gaming and interactive media, but also have potential for exploring new cinematic techniques. Join us at Eyebeam to learn and create new experiments with the RGBDToolkit, an open source software application for depth enabled filmmaking. By augmenting a high definition video camera with a depth sensor, the toolkit captures the scene as colorful three dimensional forms. A computer graphics and video hybrid, the data can then be manipulated algorithmically and visualized from new perspectives in post.

The two day workshop will first focus on learning the RGBDToolkit workflow for camera calibration, data capture, and 3D visualization. The second day will be dedicated to open ended experimentation, either creating videos or hacking on the RGBD openFrameworks API to explore effects and interactions. We welcome a diverse group of creative people interested in media, video and creative coding to join us in experimenting with this emerging medium.

Projects: RGBDToolkit
People: James GeorgeErica KermaniAlexander Porter
Research: Education, Open Culture
Tags: RGBDToolkit