School for Poetic Computation The First Class

School for Poetic Computation, or SFPC, is an experimental education and research initiative in the form of a ten week learning environment. It is led by former Eyebeam fellows Zachary Lieberman and Taeyoon Choi with Amit Pitaru and Jen Lowe. In partnership with Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, the school will present SFPC: The First Class from November 20th to 23rd, a survey of unconventional learning processes featuring fifteen artists from their first class.

Through an open call, SFPC accepted these individuals from diverse backgrounds and locations around the world. Since September 15th, they have occupied a sunlit loft in downtown Brooklyn, attending lectures and workshops and averaging 12+ hours spent together per day. Classes covered topics from basic electronics, programming, math, cooking and walking and were accompanied by a program of guest lectures and workshops offered by leading artists and technologists.These students have produced teaching tools, software and hardware, interventions and provocations, asking questions on the poetics and creative use of computation.
For SFPC: The First Class, the fifteen students will bring their final week of learning, collaboration and prototyping to Eyebeam. SFPC: The First Class will transform Eyebeam’s main space into a hybrid classroom, studio and an exhibition for works-in-progress and documentation from classes. Participating artists Andy Clymer, Claire Lin, Ishac Bertran, Jason Levine, Jessica Wolpert, Jonathan Dahan, Jonathan Wohl, Le Wei, Mini Kim, Moises Sanabria, Motoi Shimizu, Paul Cheng, Rachel Uwa, Simona De Rosa and Tega Brain will be present at Eyebeam to continue to work throughout the week. SFPC: The First class will be open to the public from November 20th to 23rd, as an open classroom for the wider New York community to glimpse unconventional learning processes. There will be a public reception on the evening of Friday November 22nd, 6–8 pm and participatory workshop and discussion on Saturday November 23rd, 1–5 pm.


People: Zach LiebermanTaeyoon Choi, Jen Lowe, Amit Pitaru
Tags: School of Poetic Computing