Secure and Resist

Workshops and discussions on secure communications

12/03/2016, 2-6PM
This is a drop-in event. Come whenever you like!
No RSVP required. 

2PM: Doors open
2:30PM: A quick introduction
3:00PM-6:00PM: Breakouts and trainings

We are taking notes and marking resources on this pad. Feel free to check in on this evolving document.

This CryptoParty is for everyone! As the tools of surveillance become more sophisticated and more common, it’s important to learn the fundamentals of securing your digital presence.

An introductory talk will cover the most basic principles, including security as a process, “power vs paranoia”, threat modeling, all in the context of the current political landscape.

Trainings may include: Tor browsers, alternatives to Google docs, Signal for encrypted communications, two-factor authentication, as well as a general venting session.