Sound Happens in The Group! a workshop with Theremidi Orchestra


Create your own instruments and sounds with basic electronics.  Then perform live! The ten members of Theremidi Orchestra (TO)  will guide and assist participants during a five-day, hands-on and theoretical workshop.  Participants will assemble two electronic sound devices and learn how to play them in noisy group improvisations.

The workshop will also provide a framework for aesthetic discussion, from how to improvise and work in a group and understanding the sound ranges of the instruments, to implications of collective feedback loops and concepts of social amplification.  Then work collaboratively to develop the live performance. Daniel Neumann, curator of CT-SWaM, will assist in developing ideas for spatialization of the multi-channel performance.

Construct and take home two electronic instrument kits:

The first–

  • Theremini // A basic theremin or hand proximity “instrument”

And choose from one of the following:

  • TouchTone // A small synthesizer gadget can be played directly with fingers on the PCB board
  • MicroNoise // MicroNoise is another synthesizer gadget with photosensitive controls (light sensor – LDR)

About the Artists

Theremidi Orchestra (TO) is an audiovisual DIY community initiated by participants of the Theremini and Teremidi physical interface workshop, organised by Ljudmila – Ljubljana Digital Media Lab in May, 2011. Rather than a subject, TO is a verb, an ongoing workshop of noise and drone production. This hands-on electro noise ensemble exists in the present continuous, while referring to the history of electronic music. TO has a DIY/DIWO approach in making music and sound experiments, developing its own instruments based on open-source electronic circuits. Currently TO consists of ten active members, coming from different professional backgrounds. Theremidi Orchestra is a process of mutual understanding and solving problems in a horizontal manner. The process of production involves experimenting with sound outputs, mutual composition of music scores, shared responsibilities for individual parts of the process, etc. Thus far, the orchestra performed, exhibited and held workshops at over thirty festivals and exhibitions mostly in Europe e.g. Piksel Festival in Bergen Norway; LiWoLi Festival in Linz, Austria; PoolLoop in Zürich, Switzerland; U3: Triennial of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana, Slovenia, to name just a few.

Requirements & Prerequisites

– No previous skills necessary

– This workshop is open to all ages

Please bring

– Small speaker set

– Headphones (notify Erica at [email protected] if don’t have)

– Provisional antennas

– DIY sound effects (optional)

Hours: Sep 10-12, 6-9pm; Sep 13, 2-6pm; Sep 14 optional; Sep 15 8-11pm
Cost: $290 (Early Reg $240)



Sep 10, 11, & 12: 6pm – 9pm

Sep 13: 2pm – 6pm (individual consultation sessions)

Sep 14: 10am – 6pm (optional performance preparation with TO)


Sep 15, 8pm – 11pm @ Industry City Distillery

Performance I, “Sound happens in the group!”  by workshop participants

Performance II, “Sound happens!” by Theremidi Orchestra


The workshop is co-produced by Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboraty and Projekt Atol Institure and supported by Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Culture.

For more information about CT-SWaM and Daniel Neumann, click here.

With generous support from our partner:

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