Stop Work 1

By invitation only (RSVP)

The Stop Work! is a monthly ritual at Eyebeam—since founding, residents have gathered in a semi-private critique to present work in progress for testing and feedback. Join us for this unique opportunity to meet the Eyebeam family and discover what residents are working on, and even shape the future of their projects.


6:00 Doors open

6:30 Meural
Friends of Eyebeam, Meural, will present on their new digital canvas, which gives access to over 20,000 images of art.

7:00 Radical Networks
Sarah Grant, Erica Kermani and Amelia Marzec will present on Radical Networks, an annual conference in partnership with Eyebeam that explores computer networking technology and the communities they enable us to build.

8:00 Our Net
Eyebeam Impact Resident Dan Phiffer will present on Our Net, a program that teaches middle school students a basic understanding of the key components of network infrastructure by enabling students to develop their own private internal networks that are independent of the Internet.

This Stop Work! includes a presentation at 6:30PM on the Meural Canvas, a digital device for the wall that gives you instant access to 20,000+ works of art.

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