Stranger Visions and Quotidian Record Closing BBQ

Hours: 6:30-8:00PM
Cost: Free admission, cheap BBQ

Join us on August 2nd as we celebrate the closing of Brian House‘s Quotidian Record & Forty-eight to Sixteenand Heather Dewey-Hagborg‘s Stranger Visions with BBQ and live performances by Multitudes and Live Footage.  We’ll be firing up the grill and serving Heather’s DNAquiris at 6:30 with performances starting at 7.  Heather will show visitors how to extract DNA from strawberries using Bacardi 151 and fashion them into delicious cocktails; there will be a $5 materials cost for this mini-workshop.

Multitudes is a post-hardcore trio featuring Pat Foley on guitar, Alex Lambert on drums, and Brian House on bass. With comparisons ranging from Black Flag to Captain Beefheart, their sound has been called alternately smart, blistering, and poignant.

Live Footage is cellist Topu Lyo and drummer/keyboardist Mike Thies.  Incorporating loops recorded on the fly and improvisatory techniques they strive to make music that is cinematic and experimental without giving up on catchy melodic hooks.

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Projects: Forty-eight to SIxteen, Quotidian Record, Stranger Visions
People: Brian HouseHeather Dewey-Hagborg