Studies Project: Modes of Embodiment: An Expressive Toolkit for Chronically Ill Bodies

Studies Project: Modes of Embodiment: An Expressive Toolkit for Chronically Ill Bodies hosted by Yo-Yo Lin and Lara Marcin

In partnership with Movement Research

Located at Movement Research, 122 Community Center, 150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

11-2 pm

June 9, 2019

RSVP through Movement Research 

We dream of a reality where the chronically ill and disabled are given the communal space to honor the trauma in the bodies they own, and are given a set of tools to discover their bodies as a nuanced, abundant place for exploration, strength, and creative expression.

From writing/ journaling, to group discussion, to personalized movement exercises, this intimately-sized workshop aims to equip marginalized bodies with initial tools to transform their energy and movement into spaces of creative relief and artistic expression. Driven by the notions of intersectional disability aesthetics, this workshop is particularly interested in allowing participants to uncover *new* movement in the context of their unique impairments, personal narratives, and cultural identities.

The beginner-friendly class is specifically built for those who have not worked (much or at all) with movement/ dance before and want to create an artistic practice that is intuitive, safe, and enjoyable for them. This class will emphasize the intersectional POC illness experience. This class welcomes those who are unsure about their disability status.

This workshop is part of the Move to Heal/Action to Heal series, with support from the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation.

Location and access:
Movement Research, 122 Community Center is an accessible space. Studios are wheelchair accessible. The second floor office is accessible by elevator. Restrooms are wheelchair accessible and are all gender. Please contact Julienne Rencher, [email protected] or (212) 598-0551 (voice only) for further access requests or questions.