Sustainability + Architecture panel

What if walls could breathe? On Saturday, March 29, 2008, Eyebeam presented a panel and showcase on architecture and sustainability as part of its Feedback exhibition.

In the past 15 years, some of the most vibrant experiments in architecture have used computer technologies to:

  1. develop new types of geometries, with curves, facets, and non-standard shapes
  2. fabricate architectural elements directly from digital files without working drawings.

Recently, some architects have been using new technologies to explore and realize radically different kinds of spaces that respond to their environment in real time: responsive kinetic architecture.

The Living (architects David Benjamin and Soo-in Yang) showcased the work of graduate and undergraduate students in their Columbia University and Pratt Institute classes on responsive kinetic architecture. Chris Garvin, AIA LEED AP of Cook + Fox Architects and partner at Terrapin Bright Green, Elisabeth Thompson, Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, and Jonathan Marvel, partner at Rogers Marvel Architects discussed the state of environmental practice in building and design.


People: Chris Garvin, Elisabeth Thompson, The Living
Research: Sustainability
Tags: feedback