Tax Action Day – Loophole for All – Offshore Leaks

Update: watch Paolo Cirio on GRITtv

Eyebeam’s favorite corporate hacker, Paolo Cirio, has created a service to level the monetary playing field and expose the unfair advantages that companies hold over individual taxpayers.

This past February, Cirio hacked the governmental servers of the Cayman Islands, stole a list of their incorporated entities, and made this information public for the first time.

Now, Paolo Cirio is inviting YOU to practice Tax Resistance by taking action on this year’s Tax Day, April 15, with Loophole for All.

Take action for Tax Justice! Fight the legality of offshore tax havens by exposing them.

Did you know that most of today’s multinational corporations and some of the world’s wealthiest individuals pay NO taxes? If you’re concerned about the national deficit, budget cuts, austerity plans, and billionaire bailouts—and you should be—then get involved.

To join in the action, choose a company’s Cayman Islands certificate (200,000 of them here) and email the jpeg to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration: [email protected] or mail to the addresses listed here

Or for those of you who want to do more, you can join Cirio and become a pirate, hijacking a Cayman company to avoid taxes. Order a certificate and Cayman Islands mailbox to extend a new form of protest against unjust laws.

It’s easy—it’s free—and it sends a powerful message to the corporations and individuals who have been taking unfair advantage of current, lax laws and avoiding billions in taxes.

  • The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory situated 150 miles south of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea
  • There is neither real money, nor a real market in the Caymans. Companies located there are documented only on paper
  • Among the several thousand anonymous companies in the Caymans, you can find most of the major global multinationals, banks, and criminal organizations
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