Teen Mashup Remix: Creative Youth Workshops

The Change You Want To See gallery will host a collaborative workshop exploring the mashup and remix of audio-visual, social and architectural elements onsite, with local borough-based teenage participants and Eyebeam’s educational partners. Each workshop participant will be invited to bring at least three clips to add to a pool of source material. We will consider site-specific “give and take”, and aim to develop “fair-use” guidelines for fellow participants and laymen.

VJ-ing, event-design and space-modification workshops will mix and remix the resources, talents, perspectives of all present, to create a performative party with live audio-visual manipulation, a juice-bar and dancing. As a public party for the Seeders ‘N’ Leechers ‘R’ Us outgoing process, this evening endeavours to seed the imagination of possible futures.

Co-related workshops by:
Dan Winckler: Live video mixing and production
Not An Alternative: Build your own projection screen out of found materials
Jeff Crouse and David Jimison: Building experience


Coordinated by Liz Slagus, Eyebeam resident Andrew Paterson and Not An Alternative.


People: Andrew Gryf PatersonDan WincklerDavid JimisonJeff CrouseLiz SlagusNot an Alternative
Tags: Seeders n Leechers R us