The Martial Arts of Sonic Hauntology

Organized by: AUDiNT (Toby Heys, Jon Cohrs, & Steve Goodman)

Presenters: Toby Heys (AUDiNT), Jon Cohrs (AUDiNT), Steve Goodman (AUDiNT), Dave Tompkins, Andy Battaglia.

This panel will explore the intersection of sonic culture and the military-entertainment complex through the disembodied voices of secret communication devices, battlefield sonic deception and propaganda, acoustic weaponry, the physiology of inaudible vibration (unsound systems) and the encrypted, viral transmission channels of both analog and digital culture.

This event is co-presented with Art in General in relation to AUDiNT’s New Commission exhibition at Art in General, The Dead Record Office (June 17–July 23).


Andy Battaglia writes about arts and culture in New York. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Wire, Resident Advisor, The National, Spin, New York, and Artforum, among other publications. He also helps organize and curate Unsound Festival New York.

Dave Tompkins is from North Carolina. His vocoder book, How To Wreck A Nice Beach, has been called a “mega-pill of mule-choking insights.” Amazon named it entertainment book of the year. Tompkins will be presenting at the 2011 National Cryptology Symposium. An expanded paperback will be out in November. He is currently researching the sub-frequency Bass properties of seashells and a U-boat attack off the coast of Florida.
Steve Goodman/Kode9 runs the record label Hyperdub and produces electronic music as Kode9. He is a senior lecturer in Sonic Culture at the University of East London, and runs the MA Programme in Sonic Culture. His book Sonic Warfare (MIT Press, 2010) is a theoretical investigation of sound, affect and power. Additionally, he was a member of the autonomous research collective, the Ccru (Cybernetic culture research unit).
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Toby Heys produces music, sound / video installations and web projects as a member of Battery Operated and robotic / electronic media projects as a member of The KIT Collaboration. He runs the sound / video label Cocosolidciti out of the UK. Recently he finished a year-long ‘visiting scholar’ post in the Music department of New York University and is currently an AHRC scholar finishing a PhD at John Moores University in England as well as a resident artist at Eyebeam in New York.
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Jon Cohrs is a recording engineer who runs Spleenless Mastering and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Recently, he created OMG I’m on .TV; an analog Pirate TV station during the digital transition that was used as a reference in a Supreme Court amicus brief on creativity and copyright. Currently, he is a fellow at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center and teaches at Parsons, The New School for Design.
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AUDiNT, short for “Audio Intelligence” is a collaborative, research team comprised of artists and scholars Steve Goodman, Toby Heys (Eyebeam Resident) and Jon Cohrs (Eyebeam Fellow). The Dead Record Officeexplores the historical and fictious relationship between sound and warfare.

Projects: The Dead Record Office
People: Andy BattagliaJon CohrsToby HeysDave TompkinsSteve Goodman/Kode9
Tags: audint, BIORHYTHM: music and the body