The Subliminal History of New York State: Route of…

Summer songs workshop + performance

Workshop: 1–4PM Snack Break: 4–5PM Performance: 5–6PM

Learn to sing shape note music this Saturday with a free workshop by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and Carrie Dashow.

Presenting new songs written over summer on their Subliminal History of New York State: Route of Progress tour, Carrie and Jesse invite everyone to join them in a performance to sing shape note songs, pop some balloons, and welcome the Fall!

Shape note singing, over 200 years old, is a boisterous community singing style designed to make singing accessible to everyone. The more the merrier, and the louder the better! For more information on shape note singing, visit: More information on The Subliminal History of New York State and their songs here.

This workshop is part of Eyebeam’s current Interference 10 year retrospective exhibition, running from September 27 to November 10, 2007.

Projects: The Subliminal History of New York State
People: Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Carrie Dashow
Tags: Interference