Theseus: Discussion and Demonstration
Artist: Brendan Byrne

May 24, 2016, 7-9PM

Join us Tuesday evening for a presentation by Brendan Byrne on his new electronic musical interface, Theseus. Brendan will cover the history of electronic instruments, modular design principles, and what differentiates an instrument from a tool. The Theseus system is a new frontier in musical composition. We are excited to share and explore its possibilities with you.
The talk will be followed by a brief performance and an open noodling session in which guests are welcome to play with the Theseus system, previous iterations, and a special installation of Panoramical and its accompanying controller.
The Theseus platform is based on analog modular synthesizers. Unlike these instruments, Theseus is entirely digital, thus greatly reducing the cost of materials and simplifying the electrical circuits. These alterations allow for more users to participate in a fascinating tradition of electronic music and video synthesis. To give an example, the very first Arduino sketch can be used to drive a step-sequencer, envelope generator, or trigger musical notes. It’s just matter of taking that signal and making it more interesting and personal from there. Theseus does this. Additionally, Theseus features a “Sharing” module that allows for intercommunication between user’s modular systems. This makes it possible (for the first time ever in electronic music) for systems to share signals, process, and reprocess them all the while becoming integrally linked in the formation of the composition.

Check out the event on our Youtube.


Free and open to public

This event is part of To Scale, an exhibition featuring 10 projects exploring concepts of scale.

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