To Scale

Eyebeam opens its studios to the public for a two week show of recent projects exploring concepts of scale. These projects, the result of six months of research, share an ability to switch with ease from the view up close to the distant perspective.

Whether shifting scale through physical size, optical resolution, biological complexity or political organizing, they show that reality can seem totally different depending on context or even viewpoint. The world is not flat, but round like a lens. Download the exhibition guide here.

Opening Reception: May 14, 6-9PM

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Project Residents:

Annelie Koller
Ayodamola Okunseinde
Salome Asega
Brendan Byrne
Bryan Ma
Frédéric Eyl
Richard The
Jackie Sumell
Ron Morrison
Abigail Phillips
Nancy Diniz
Niko Koppel
Pamela Liou
Tal Danino

Part of the Industry City Open Studios.

To Scale Open Hours:

Sat 5/14:1-9pm
Sun 5/15: 1-6pm
Thu 5/19: 1-9pm
Sat 5/21: 1-6pm
Sun 5/22: 1-6pm
Tue 5/24: 6-9pm
Thu 5/26: 1-9pm

To Scale Events:

Cosmologies: Shaped by Trauma
Lady Tech Guild and Friends
Ownership and Art

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