UPGRADE! NY: Jillian McDonald and Jamie O’Shea

A celebrity-centric Upgrade! with artists Jillian Mcdonald and Eyebeam Resident Jamie O’Shea.

Jillian McDonald, famous for “Me and Billy Bob,” presented old and new work which focuses on the subcultures that drive the celebrity and horror film industries. She showed a DVD, some quicktime files, a data-driven web project and more dvd. Jamie O’Shea performed an extraordinarily efficient art experience at precisely 8:22:22 on 2/22. An entire performance, narrated by Corey Sullivan, took place within 1/5 of a second. Jamie’s automated memory process created an indelible, and effortless, impression of this instant.

Jamie writes: ” This Thursday, at 8:22:22 on 2/22, we will be presenting a 1/5th of a second performance, perhaps the most efficient art experience currently available. The automated memory process will be narrated by Corey Sullivan, and take place precisely on time in reference to the official U.S. time for the Eastern time zone. We guarantee that your memory of this instant will be indelible and effortless.


People: Jilian McDonald, Jamie O’Shea
Tags: video, popular culture, performance, event