Visualizing Variables with the Google Data Arts Team

Programming Series:

Summer School

The Google Data Arts Team is a small group of creative programmers from San Francisco who use open web technologies and Google tools to make creative projects for the web. Some recent projects include Three Dreams of Black, the WebGL Globe, and the Data Viz Challenge (built in close partnership with Eyebeam).

On Monday, July 18, the team is putting on a workshop looking at JavaScript, HTML5 and WebGL as applied to user interfaces, data visualization, and interactive art. There will be an introduction to one of the team’s JavaScript libraries (dat.gui) and projects (WebGL Globe), as well as time for project experimentation and personal Q&A. Please bring your laptop, your creativity, and your favorite IDE. Familiarity with web development and JavaScript highly recommended.


This workshop is offered as part of Eyebeam’s Summer School 2011 collaboration with The Creators Project, and as a lead-up to our Art Hack Weekend where we are inviting artists, developers, and designers to spend two days designing new experiences for artistic engagement.

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People: Aaron KoblinGeorge Michael BrowerJono Brandel
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Tags: data viz, HTML5, javascript, ss2011, Summer School 2011, The Creators Project