Window Gallery: Wearable Weapons – Hoop Study 005 (Rite of Passage)

Hours: Tues. – Sat., 12PM – 6PM
Cost: Free

The costumes of the Wearable Weapons series awaken the power of vulnerability. Carrie Mae Rose, in using materials that shock and injure, heightens our sense of caution and our understanding of the the fragility of life. Her work pushes the boundaries of the self and of fashion to their absolute limits. Being a fashion object, these pieces have a life beyond the window display, and can be worn by performers or presented in dioramic installation.

Wearables Weapons is a series of interactive costumes built with a mix of deadly materials. I am currently creating 2 or 3 collars that use the device called a Violet Wand that is placed in a large wearable armature. Violet Wands are sold both to the police department and the S&M community and are genrally described as either self- defense products or highly erotic electro-stimulation tools. The wands have a variety of intensity levels that do anything from burn to arouse the end reciever. I am hacking the Violet Wands ad connecting them to software that will pulse electrical arcs by voice interaction.”

–Carrie Mae Rose


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