Workshop: Barter (Theory and Practice)

Hours: 3PM – 5PM
Cost: bring drinks/food to share, or volunteer to help clean up


Saturday, July 14th, 3-5pm & Saturday, August 18th, 3-5pm

Workshop Description: From myths of haggling savages to accounts of societies run on mutual aid, “barter” occupies a grey area between gift giving and market transactions. In this workshop, participants will experience the theory and practice of barter. Participants will (1) learn about contemporary and historic barter communities, (2) connect with potential barter partners and (3) discuss the problems and possibilities of barter: building trust, negotiating value, communicating clearly, and getting projects done without money.

Workshop Facilitator: Caroline Woolard is a co-founder of and, two barter networks for cultural production.  She is currently a Fellow at Eyebeam.

cost: bring drinks/food to share, or volunteer to help clean up.

You must RSVP to attend: email [email protected] with your name and the item/service you plan to bring.


People: Caroline Woolard
Research: Open Culture
Tags: barter