Workshop: Designing for Participation

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Summer School

“Designing for Participation” is a 3-hour intensive workshop set on Taeyoon Choi’s exhibition and platform for experimental engagement INVISIBLE____ located in Eyebeam’s Project Space.

The workshop is lead by Taeyoon Choi, Eyebeam Fellow and upcoming Creators Project Creator, who will share his experiences creating site-specific urban intervention and research-based performance, which often use technology in unconventional ways. Choi will explain methods to use, misuse and sometimes abuse consumer technology (such as mobile phones and CCTV) and services (such as Wikipedia and Twitter) to create highly participatory experiences through D.I.Y. low-tech hacking and strategic interruption.

During the second half of the workshop, participants will be invited to perform an improvisational collaboration in which they assess an imaginary social situation and then design a participatory project for the general public.

The workshop is open to the public with RSVP and welcomes up to 25 individuals who are either artists (visual, theater, dance, writers, musicians who are interested in using technology to make participatory experience), engineers who are interested in art and want to use their skills creatively, as well as anyone who is curious and wants to learn more about the topic.


This workshop is offered as part of our Summer School 2011 collaboration with The Creators Project, and as a lead-up to our Art Hack Weekend where we are inviting artists, developers, and designers to spend two days designing new experiences for artistic engagement.

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