Workshop: NYC Open Sensor Network

Where’s the data? Technology has progressed to the point that we as citizens with concerns or interests can leverage open source hardware and software together with cloud platforms like Pachube to quickly and cheaply build the systems we need to get the data we want – data that matters and is relevant to our lives. This workshop, hosted by Eyebeam Fellow Mark Shepard, will bring together a group of people with different skill sets – technical, creative, etc. – who will develop ideas (and an implementation plan) for an open sensor network to be deployed within New York City.

This workshop is limited to 20 participants.

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This workshop is organized together with the Internet of Things NYC Meetup, a community of developers, students, artists, and activists. It is related to ongoing research in open data and urban sensing by the Urban Research Group at Eyebeam. Eyebeam’s Fellows & Residents created the Urban Research Group to engage in a discussion on the functions of public space, demonstrate new forms of urban communication, and develop innovative street art that identifies and exploits pre-existing structures, systems and public infrastructure of the city.