Workshop: Tactical Trasmedia Fiction

Hours: 2PM – 7PM
Cost: $515

July 11 – August 8, Wednesdays, 2-7PM (six classes)

Workshop Description: The workshop will explore ‘Cross Media’ practices for producing fiction, such as ‘Transmedia Storytelling’, ‘Alternate Reality Games’ and ‘Dispersed Fiction,’ and how these products are changing cinema, theatre, marketing and games through internet platforms and networked devices.

The workshop will introduce major exemplary productions in these practices, and international opportunities to present, raise funds and learn more about new developments.

The workshop will focus on how Transmedia storytelling can also be used for educational and political goals, engaging people in social change and raising awareness about real world problems.

Workshop Instructor: Paolo Cirio has been following and researching in the Cross Media field and related techniques for several years as a natural continuation of his studies in theatre and film theories, as well as his practices in net-art and radical media interventions. He has presented his theory of using tactical Transmedia fiction for activist purposes in several international conferences. More info.


  • If possible, bring your own Mac laptop
  • Minimum age: 18 or high school graduate.

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People: Paolo Cirio