Xlab 2011: Design of Location

Eyebeam and SEGD partner to present Xlab 2011: Design of Location, an event connecting innovation, technology, and communication design in the built environment. It will explore the location-based navigation technologies that are radically changing how people experience physical spaces. The one-day event will bring together technology, design, and interaction experts in a collaborative, provocative format that will include interactive games, a smartphone app, and short clips presentations as well as talks by designers, tech entrepreneurs, and clients on the cutting edge of location-based technology.

Key speakers include Colin Ellard, author of You Are Here: Why We Can Find Our Way to the Moon, but Get Lost at the Mall, and professor with the Waterloo Laboratory for Collaborative Virtual Environments; Vivian Rosenthal, CEO of GoldRun; Philip Stanger, CEO of Wifarer; Patrick Hofmann, senior user experience designer with Google Maps; John Geraci, founder of Appify, DIYCity, and outside.in; and Mark Shepard, artist, architect, and 2011 Eyebeam Fellow, whose research touches on mobile media and its application to architecture and urbanism.

For more information or to register, visit www.segd.org. SEGD is the Society for Environmental Graphic Design, the world’s leading community for creative professionals working in communication design for the built environment.