Eyebeam X Momus Critical Writing Fellowship

Call for Applications

Momus and Eyebeam are now accepting applications for the second iteration of their Critical Writing Fellowship. This paid opportunity provides sustained mentorship, editorial support, and network-building to an early-career art writer or critic. Over an 8-month period of research, dialogue, and drafting, the Fellow will produce a feature-length text to be published in Momus. Two Shortlisted Fellows will also be commissioned to produce text for publication in Momus.

This year, the mentorship will be overseen by the critic and writer Rahel Aima, who reflects on working with emerging critics as being “the most rewarding part of what I do.” She continues, “I am very excited to be a mentor with Eyebeam and Momus, two organizations with a longstanding—and demonstrable—commitment to supporting emerging critics and broadening access to the arts.”

Through this bridge-building collaboration, Eyebeam and Momus are able to support new art writers while pursuing their shared objectives of extending artistic knowledge, increasing access to art publishing, enabling sustained mentorship, and reading our cultural text more deeply. 

You can find out more and apply to the fellowship here.