Fed Up: On Social Media and Democracy


Watch here.


In the most divisive election in recent memory—a memory that is getting shorter, perhaps—Facebook split into red and blue islands, tweets became news events in themselves, and we spent no end of time discussing the proprieties of emails.

In this setting, we will discuss how social media is shaping the way we talk to each other—shaping our deliberative democracy. We will touch on questions like: How do filters and bubbles change the idea of “the public”? What kinds of discussion do ads-based platforms favor?

How could we design platforms that would strengthen, rather than sap, civic life?

Margarita Noriega is an editor and writer in New York, founder of @InternetReview_ a Kickstarter book about 2016, and executive editor of digital at Newsweek Magazine.

Caroline Sinders is a machine learning designer and current Eyebeam/BuzzFeed Open Lab Resident. She tweets at @carolinesinders and writes on Medium.

Nora Khan, current Eyebeam Research Resident, is a writer and Contributing Editor at Rhizome. She recently quit Twitter.

Mike Rugnetta is a composer, programmer and performer. He’s the creator of the podcast Reasonably Sound and writer / host of the PBS Digital Studios YouTube series Idea Channel. He tweets at mikerugnetta.

Mushon Zer-Aviv a designer, an educator and a media activist who believes data should be re-ambiguated. He tweets @mushon. Cool thing he did: Adnauseam – the ad blocker that clicks all ads to counter advertising surveillance.