From The Rupture | Further Engagement

For those of you who are eager to engage more deeply with our Rapid Response Phase 2 Artists projects, we are excited to share the following opportunities to participate in limited capacity workshops and sneak peeks led by artists Xin Xin and Dillon Sung in Collaboration with the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition.

Please reply fast if you are interested in participating, as space is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis!

To RSVP for any of the engagements below, please fill out this Google form.

You will receive a confirmation by Monday, February 15 at 6 pm ET, as well as any relevant links or further instructions. 


Xin Xin: Togethernet

For the launch of Xin Xin’s Togethernet project, they have arranged a series of workshops to activate dialogue and solidarity for envisioning new ways of interacting with data, bio-medical, oral history, and sex & intimacy consent. 

The four Consentful Protocol workshops outlined below will be running concurrently on Wednesday, February 17 from 4:30-6 pm ET. Please note that the session led by Xin Xin will be Livestreamed to provide increased access to the content, however, the other three sessions will be private for up to 12 participants only. In the private sessions, participants will build a community statement that will be published online and in print after the event is over.


Workshop 1: A Study on Bio-Medical and Technological Consent, Facilitated by Dorothy R. Santos (she/they)  

A Study on Bio-Medical and Technological Consent invites participants to reflect and assess the risks they’ve encountered within the clinical and medical industries. Using Togethernet, we will envision dialogue, conversation, and building community-based practices and knowledge. 


Workshop 2 Oral History, Oral Visions, Facilitated by Kimberly Springer (she/her)

Oral History, Oral Visions invites participants to reflect on collecting oral histories of neighborhoods. We’ll examine the challenges and new possibilities in oral history practices and explore the concept of “shared authority,” the idea that oral historians and narrators are co-creating the interview process together. Together we will envision consensual personal history narration that generates visions for alternative futures using Togethernet, a p2p digital archiving software designed to support collective decision-making and consensual dialogues about gentrification and development. 


Workshop 3: ALL SYSTEMS: YES, Facilitated by SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY (she/her)

ALL SYSTEMS: YES is an experimental workshop that invites 12 couples to reflect and assess the risks they’ve encountered in sex and intimacy by building a “consent profile.” Inspired by the wider BDSM community’s ongoing conversation about safety and intentionality, this workshop uses the “risk profile,” or an individual’s unique standardized system by which they evaluate how much risk they are willing to take in a given activity, as a foundation for looking at how to construct a similarly personalized and formalized structure for giving consent in any context.

ALL SYSTEMS: YES approaches consent holistically, asking questions about how to assess and add up somatic feedback, contextual awareness, and desire into a measurable equation. Likewise, this workshop addresses navigating consent under genuine confusion and what happens when we change our minds.

Please note: 

  • A friend or partner in the same space is recommended for this workshop but are not necessary. Some friendly physical contact will be encouraged.
  • Challenging topics such as the disregard of consent, consensual non-consent, or assault may be brought up in discussion but not part of the general workshop agenda.


Workshop 4: Data Placemaking, Facilitated by Xin Xin (they/them)

Data Placemaking invites participants to reflect on their notions of private vs. public space on the internet. When it comes to data, our common sense for protecting privacy is challenged because the software and websites we interface with are largely a black box we can not see into. What happens to our personal photos, messages and other data on the platforms we use? How do we reimagine and create new and intentional forms of public versus private space online? Participants will use Togethernet, a p2p digital archiving software designed to support collective decision-making and consensual dialogues. 


Dillon Sung: The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition Archive early access

Saturday, February 20th from 4:30-6 pm ET

The SLSC Archive is a digital, and eventually physical, resource built for civic engagement and open access to thousands of PRA (Public Records Act) documents received from the LAPD and the City of Los Angeles. 

While the Archive is still in development, this will be an opportunity for members of the From the Rupture audience to explore an early access MVP version of the archive. This MVP will focus on the Before the Bullet Hits the Body campaign, which includes both a storytelling feature as well as the ability to search, filter, and read through documents obtained during the campaign to dismantle predictive policing in Los Angeles. 

This opportunity for early access to the archive is available for up to 40 participants. You will be sent instructions following confirmation of your RSVP. 

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on February 17 – 20th at!