2017 – 2018

Who are you?

BUFU is a collaborative living archive centered around (pan)Black and (pan)Asian cultural and political relationships. We, the founders of this project, are a collective of queer, femme and non-binary, Black and East-Asian artists and organizers. Our goal is to facilitate a global conversation on the cultural contact between Black & Asian diasporas, with an emphasis on building solidarity, de-centering whiteness, and resurfacing our deeply interconnected and complicated histories. We attempt to achieve this through our collaborative programming, visual archives, and through building long-term partnerships with collectives, organizations, and individuals.

What are you working on?

BUFU is working on a platform which will live both online and in physical installations to create interactive engagement with the stories they have collected. In part a online series of interconnecting video pieces as well as objects as well as living archive as well as programing – an implication of the audience in a story that is also theirs – working from interviews conducted in Ethiopia, Japan, Korea, Jamaica, China, India, Ghana, and the United States as well as with you wherever you are.

What are you most excited about?

Interrogating technologies & languages not built by or for us, and interrupting them to the best of our abilities in an effort to wage equity. Research and build. Scam and create.  

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