Learnings from the Alumni Hive Mind | Artist Fees

Learnings from the Alumni Hive Mind

Eyebeam’s energized alumni network regularly post questions, ideas, and opportunities on an internal listserv. Recently, artist fees were brought into question. The debate over equitable fees is certainly not a new one. How does one really begin the work of putting a monetary equivalent to art labor? Through thoughtful discussion, a list of resources were shared. We compiled them and put them on our website here. 


CARFAC/RAAV Minimum Recommended Fee Schedule

Great baseline to use as a reference, CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation/Le Front des Artistes Canadiens) is an advocacy organization for artists that successfully advocate for artists. 


Working Artists And The Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.)

W.A.G.E.’s mission is to establish sustainable economic relationships between artists and institutions that contract their labor, and to introduce mechanisms for self-regulation into the art field that collectively bring about a more equitable distribution of its economy. (P.S. Eyebeam is W.A.G.E. certified.)


Kunstenaars Honorarium

This is a guide for both artists and institutions to have a more professional contract and negotiation practice in non-selling exhibitions

And on that note: Fuck This, Pay Me is a conceptual art campaign that makes the invisible labor of an artist’s life visible from Addie Wagenknecht (Alum, 2008).


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