From Eyebeam: An open letter on a better future.

At Eyebeam, we believe in openness, invention, and justice. These values work together to extend beyond open-source software, to the free exchange of ideas and the full-hearted celebration of diversity. Value-driven engagement with technology is more important than ever.

After election eve, we gathered to reflect and discuss, asking: what can we do? How will we use our resources and how will we leverage this community of artists to take up the unprecedented challenges that lie ahead?

Over the last two decades, Eyebeam has encouraged committed, socially-oriented projects by artists working with technology: the invention of the “ReBlog” (the first share button) in 2004, to the Yes Men’s utopian hacking of the New York Times in 2009, to the leading U.S. conference for DIY networking, Radical Networks.

Our residents will continue their research into power and create works that aim towards its more equitable distribution. They will analyze how legal, technological, and political structures have worked to normalize injustice. Moving forward, this is what you can expect from Eyebeam:

  1. Our studio space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is open for you to discuss, workshop, and strategize. We are thinking, for example, of support groups for the most visibly vulnerable and their allies to process. Email [email protected] to start this conversation.
  2. Look out for upcoming events. We’re starting with a workshop for secure communications (digital and interpersonal) that we will be leading with Cryptoparty on December 3rd, details to be announced.
  3. It is important to take care of one another in times of duress. We hope you will join us at our Holiday Hackshop on December 10th to celebrate each other, in the spirit of remaining producers, and not consumers.

We hope that the whole Eyebeam community—all of you—can commit to inventing a more creative, just, and open future.

— From all of us at Eyebeam