Radical Networks

From mass surveillance to the over-commercialization of the Internet, the technology that we depend upon for community and connection is being compromised. The recent accessibility of networking technology through smaller computing devices has made it affordable and possible for everyday citizens to learn how to design their own web servers and networks.

Based on these changes, Radical Networks is a yearly conference that seeks:
To understand and subvert technology as a method of control;
To teach people how to use networking technology for themselves;
To encourage creative and social exploration with computer networks.

It does so through promoting free and open networks built with free and open hardware and software, decentralizing network infrastructures and their governing authorities, and maintaining control of our own content, hardware, and means of deployment. Community and free expression comes first.

More Information
Radical Networks is possible thanks to—
Elsewhere Brooklyn
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Internet Society

Huge thanks to our patrons’ generosity—
Composites Collective
Cafe Grumpy

and of course, to our friends’ support—
aka.farm, syncwalk.city, Saraswathi Subbaraman and Money Positive Financial Planning.