B Covington Sam-Sumana

Rapid Response Fellow 2020 - 2020

What do you plan to do during Phase 1 of Rapid Response?

In immediacy – I’ll be developing a digital almanac consisting of a small battery of different timekeeping utilities and multimedia editorial content.

How does your work relate to the theme of the open call?

Part of my objective here is to de-emphasize economies of surveillance and extraction in favor of those of curriculum and craft.

What does the future look like to you?

Full of water. It’s my hope that water evolves us past paradigms of sacrifice and into paradigms of pooling and generation. Humanity has what it now needs to return to the site of its own genesis so as to right its wrongs.

What is your grounding ethos?

I am a sound artist. Much of my work has been about the embrace of sound’s multiphenomenality – the ability for the sonic to make manifest in material, in image, in the biogenetic. All aspects of my labor link back to this.