Rapid Response Fellow 2020 - 2020

soft/WALL/studs is a collaborative project in Singapore involving several artists, writers, film makers, art workers, and researchers. Its projects include exhibitions, acts of amplification, hosting, fugitivity, counter-rhythm generation, support, resource gathering, research, writing, detournement, game-making, teaching, collaboration, and maintenance.

Organising team:
Kin Chui (soft/WALL/studs), he/him
ila, she/her
Kamiliah Bahdar (soft/WALL/studs), she/her
Marcus Yee (soft/WALL/studs), he/him
Johann Yamin (soft/WALL/studs), he/him
Div (soft/WALL/studs), they/them


Rikey Tenn Bun Ki 鄭文琦 (No Man’s Land, Nusantara Archive Project), he/him
Esther Lu 呂岱如, she/her
Lo Shih Tung 羅仕東, he/him
Sheryl Cheung 張欣, she/her
Ting Chaong Wen 丁昶文, he/him
Okui Lala, she/her
Irwan Ahmett, he/him, and Tita Salina, she/her
Tan Zi Hao, he/him
Syaheedah Iskandar, she/her
Nurul Huda Rashid (Bras Basah Open), she/her
Siddharta Perez, she/they
Norah Lea, she/her
Luca Lum (soft/WALL/studs), she/her
Shawn Chua (soft/WALL/studs, Bras Basah Open), he/him

What do you plan to do during Phase 1 of Rapid Response?

The first phase involves organising a series of online programmes under Pulau Something, which seeks to examine the Southeast Asian regional construct of Nusantara. A contested historical term that has resurfaced in relation to recent conversations about decolonisation and the Malay archipelago, Nusantara translates from Old Javanese to mean “other islands”. The current set of online programmes brings together around twenty cultural workers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan to build affinities through exercises that involve the sharing of cuisines, languages, gestures, folk medicine, games, and histories.

How does your work relate to the theme of the open call?

Working through archipelagic thinking and digitality, we imagine Nusantara not as cartographic space determined by landmasses, but as an archipelagic gathering of concepts. Pulau Something seeks to cultivate sustained futures of cross-border solidarity and decolonial affinities between cultural workers within and beyond the Malay archipelago. With the region’s history of colonial division and its present contexts of intensified ethnonationalism, xenophobia, and right-wing nativism, finding ways to cultivate regional solidarities is an urgent need.

What does the future look like to you?

The first engorged flush of pink oyster mushrooms, waxing at dawn after a damp night.

What is your grounding ethos?

While soft/WALL/studs is an open configuration that cultivates various entanglements, affinities, and mutual contaminations, we are grounded in common stances against the reproduction of systemic violences, be it gender, orientation, race, ability, class, or otherwise. soft/WALL/studs also believes in the amplification of counter-narratives, and in supporting communities and individuals whose experiences are marginalised and/or precarious.