Veil Machine in collaboration with Kink Out

Rapid Response Fellow
2020 – 2020

Sybil Fury is a fantasy born from the imagination of a PhD student, sex worker, curator, and community organizer living in NYC. Drawing on classical anthropology, feminist theory, and psychoanalysis, her work explores how a political vision that starts from a sex worker perspective can imagine gender, labor, and technology in radically new ways. She is the cofounder of sex/art project Veil Machine and is a collaborator with Kink Out. She is also a clown, and enjoys causing mischief around town with her clown-wife.

Niko Flux is a persona born through sex work, destined to make art. She explores intergenerational lineages, queer surreality, and subterranean other selves. She is the co-founder of Veil Machine, an ongoing collaboration that relational and intimate art practice to explore problems of power, erotics, and identity in sex/art work. Her work has appeared at Leslie Lohman Museum (2019), Chinatown Soup (2018), and Wild Embeddings (2018). She performs with the sex worker art collective Stigma Unbound. Her curatorial debut was Blood Money (2018).

MJ Tom also known as Empress Wu, is an artist and producer raised in Houston, TX, and based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a BA in Art History and International Relations from the University of Texas and an MA in Arts Politics from NYU. She enjoys exploring alternative modes of kinship made possible via digital landscapes, queer sadomasochism, and sex work. She and her work have appeared at the Leslie Lohman Museum for Gay and Lesbian Art, Performa 19, and MoMA PS1, among others. Her explicit alter ego lives online at

Rapid Response Project 

Veil Machine, Niko Flux, Sybil Fury, and Empress Wu are creating a new form of digital riot to challenge SESTA/FOSTA and EARN IT, laws that threaten the safety of sex workers and free speech online. The self-destructing protest platform, E-Viction, is a virtual hub for sex workers, artists, clients, and allies partaking in a virtual arthouse/whore gallery.

Veil Machine & Kink Out in collaboration to produce Body of Workers
Body of Workers is a private gallery created by and for sex worker artists. BoW intends to serve as an art sanctuary for sex workers, an act of resilience against the gentrification of the internet, and a peepshow to the art patron.