Data Protection Policy

Information privacy has remained a cornerstone of Eyebeam’s ethos throughout our 20-year history of pathbreaking artist residencies and event programming.


Projects like Eyebeam alum Alexander Galloway’s 2002 work, Carnivore, which flipped the script on state-sponsored data surveillance, to the recent symposium VISION AND TECHNOLOGY: toward a more just future, which explored the relationship between big data and marginalized voices, exemplify our commitment to equitable information ethics.


Eyebeam collects and stores your name, address, email, affiliation, and IP address within our Salesforce, Google Analytics and Mailchimp platforms. We do this because access to this data allows us to improve our programming, institutional goals, and above all better understand and engage our diverse audience of attendees, donors, artists, alumni, volunteers, and stakeholders; in other words, our family.


Rest assured that none of this data will ever be shared with any third party, and is only ever accessible by our team of internal staff. While this data is stored indefinitely, you will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any and all future correspondence. Likewise, your information will be promptly be deleted from our databases upon unsubscription.


Members that choose to remain subscribed to our mailing list will receive occasional messages regarding upcoming Eyebeam events and opportunities, including open calls for our artist residencies as well as ongoing workshops.


To learn more about the GDPR, please consult the guidelines published by the EU Commission. Please direct any further questions or concerns to [email protected].